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A game by Add+On Electronics
for the Mattel Aquarius Computer game system


Millypede is a 'centipede/millipede' clone by Add+On Electronics (United Kingdom) for use on the short lived Mattel Electronics/Radofin Aquarius computer system of the early 1980's. It was released in cassette format (probably in 1983) and requires the 16k memory expansion cartridge in addition to the Aquarius computer and data recorder. The purpose of the website is the document this obscure and rare game for historical purposes.

Site Contents:

  1. Cassette Artwork
  2. Screenshots
  3. Download the game
  4. Links

Cassette Artwork



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Download the Game

Millypede can be played using a PC emulator or a real Aquarius computer. The files you'll need will be different, depending on the method you choose. Basic instructions are included in the downloads:

Millypede - .CAQ format for use by an Aquarius emulator (4k zip)
(see the links section below if you need an Aquarius emulator)

Millypede - .WAV format for use by an Aquarius computer (24k zip)

Special thanks to James the Animal Tamer for his help on converting these files! You can visit his site and download his Virtual Aquarius emulator here.
Zip file compression software compliments of FilZip

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Revised: March 29, 2002